Mar 09

Ron Barfield

PASS South Carolina Clash 150

Dillon Motor Speedway wants to thank all the fans, drivers, crew members, officials and rescue for the PASS Super Late Model Race Weekend. I want to thank Tom Mayberry of the PASS Series for always bringing a first class operation tour raceĀ at Dillon Motor Speedway each year. I have been personal friends with Tom Mayberry of the PASS Series for many years and I am eager to help provide him a racetrack for his tour each year.

The Dillon Motor Speedway had some great racing but was also challenged by many on and off track incidents during the night. The PASS Team Member of #89 Latour was filling a gas can in their trailer when it caught fire and burned one of their crew members. The flames were started from a open flame heater that was near the gas inside the trailer. The crew member is ok and is being treated for the burns in a Winston Salem Clinic. The crew member was walking to the ambulance and was treated for burns on his arm and chest where he was holding the gas can that exploded inside their race trailer. Thanks to all the Crew Members, DMS Rescue and PASS Employees for getting their to help put out the flames.

During the races there were a few incidents but no driver had to be transported to the hospital. Jody Measemer took the worst hit of the night but walked out of his car.

The speedway also had a fan in the grandstands that was suffering from seizure type symptoms that were aggravated by their consumption of certain beverages. The patient was treated and released by the Medical Doctor and EMT’s on the premises.

At the end of the night the Mini Stock Mayhem race was shortend by 10 laps to a 40 lap feature because a PASS Series Crew Member was suffering from Heart Related problems inside their race hauler. The patient is a good friend of mine and I was doing everything possible to get him help as soon as possible. The Medical Doctor at the track and the EMT’s were stabilizing the crew member to get ready to be transported to the local hospital. When the patient was ready to be transported the race was thrown the checkered flag for the Ambulance to provide service at the speedway. I personally went to the hospital at the end of the event to check on all that were effected. My wife was also their to be with the burn victim until he left the Dillon Hospital.

Running a racetrack is a tough business with all that happens on both sides of the fence. I love racing and dealing with anyone that loves the same sport I have enjoyed my entire life. Again THANKS to all the Fans, Competitors, Racers and Rescue that helped in all these rare situations.

Dillon Motor Speedway and the PASS Series had a Doctor on sight for the races and thanks to all he does for the racing community! Please Pray for everyone that had complications whether it was on track or personal health reasons. The racing community is one of the Best and I am honored to be part of the racing family! Ron Barfield


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  1. chase O'Brien

    Hey Ron, I was the one Burnt in the Trailer and I want to say thank you for the quick response of your staff and the help i received I’m doing well at home now just stretching the and trying to get full motion of my arm back. The incident in the trailer was do to lack of concentration or consideration for my surroundings and trying to hurry to get the job done. It was a complete accident, but with 20/20 hindsight vision it could have been avoided. I’m just glad the good lord was with us that day and it wasn’t alot worse. Again thanks for your help and I hope to be at.another Dillon event again sometime.
    Chase O’Brien

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