Race Procedure


  1. No one is allowed on the racing surface at any time or for any reason unless that person is directed to go onto the racing surface by a Dillon Motor Speedway Official.
  2. In the event of wreck’s NO ONE except authorized safety personnel Dillon Motor Speedway officials are allowed on the track. We let the trained officials do their job.


  1. A mandatory driver’s meeting will be held each week prior to the actual race.
  2. One crew member from each team must attend with the driver.
  3. Roll call may be taken.
  4. Any driver not present by the roll call must forfeit his starting position and start at the rear of the field.


  1. Unless prior notice is given, a full field will be thirty-­two (32) cars. A class must have 6 cars to have a race or if the competitors decide to put on a expo-race it will pay 100% payback. A class may also be combined with another similar class.
  2. Local classes with 3 cars or less may be combined with other classes or not race at tracks discression.


  1. If on the white flag lap the yellow flag is displayed, all cars will go back to the last green flag lap.
  2. Once the leader take the white flag the next flag will be checkered if caution come out.


  1. Lapped cars cannot make up a lap under caution.
  2. No competitor can lose a lap under caution.
  3. No racing back to the yellow flag.


  1. The Race Director will asses all penalties.


  1. A request for a scoring re-check will be honored if requested within fifteen minutes after the checkered flag falls.
  2. The request must be made through the Race Director.
  3. After the fifteen minute time period the finishing order will become official, unless adjustments are necessary based on post inspection.


  1. In the event a driver causes another competitor to spin, and, in the opinion of Dillon Motor Speedway officials, it was anything other than a normal racing incident you will be penalized.
  2. Being penalized means being put to the rear of the field, however more severe penalties may be levied for repeat offences or for extreme cases.
  3. This judgment call on part of Dillon Motor Speedway officials is not subject to appeal.
  4. Any driver intentionally hitting another car under caution or after completion of the race will be parked immediately. The driver blacked flagged for unsportsman like conduct will be given no points or start money
  5. Any driver stopping his car and getting out on the track to confront another driver or official will immediately have their scoring stopped and be ordered to the pits. The driver that exited the car is done for the night.


  1. In order for a driver to receive points and prize money, the driver must start the race.
  2. Driver changes will not be permitted once the initial green flag has waved. If a competitor wrecks on the first lap before a lap is scored he/she cannot change race vehicles and will be given points on where the car stops.
  3. All driver changes must be authorized by the Race Director.


  1. All starts will be made double-file and the flagman will start all starts and restarts. There is a start line on the frontstretch where this will be made each time.. The pole sitter may choose the inside or outside before one to go.
  2. Each car should stay in there line and keep pace with the rest of the field.
  3. When the pace car pulls onto pit road, the polesitter should bring the field to the green flag gradually and consistently (no brake checking etc).
  4. The race does not begin until the flagman waves the green flag
  5. The flagman starts the race, not the competitors on the front row, they are only responsible for pacing the field.
  6. The race director has the option of starting or restarting the race single file if a successful attempt by the front row to start the race is not obtained.
  7. Repeated unsuccessful attempts by the front row could result in their starting position being relinquished and either or both drivers sent to the rear.


  1. No car will be permitted to pass until he or she crosses the start/finish line. Missed shifts are at the decretion of the race director.
  2. A penalty for improperly starting the race may be imposed in the form of a black flag, requiring a complete stop on pit road.


  1. In the event of a caution before one lap is completed, there will be a complete restart EXCEPT for the cars involved in the caution, or those entering the pits, will be put to the rear of the field.
  2. Any cars causing the race to be stopped, such as spin out, shall be considered as involved in an accident.
  3. Any cars stopping due to a mishap and not driving immediately to the starting line shall be considered as involved in the accident. This is subject to the race official on who was involved and the race directors decision is final.
  4. Interpretation of the words ‘spin out’ and ‘immediately’ shall be left to the discretion of the race director.


  1. In the event of a caution after the first lap is completed, the lap count will revert back to the last completed green flag lap.
  2. Cars involved in the caution will be put to the rear of the field.
  3. Cars spinning in an attempt to avoid the accident may be considered to be involved in the accident, and go to the rear.
  4. There is no ‘spin to avoid’ rule. When race cars spin from a caution where oil is blown onto track the race director may fabricate the restart order from the scoring monitor and his decision is final.
  5. Cars entering the pits will be put to the rear.
  6. Any car intentionally bringing out the caution will be subject to a 1 lap penalty at the Race Directors discretion.
  7. The line-up will be established according to the last completed lap, with cars involved in the accident sent to the rear. Race director decision is final.
  8. When a caution is displayed, each driver should hold their position and reduce their speed immediately.
  9. There will be NO racing back to the flag.


  1. After one lap has been completed, any caution period will result in a double-file restart until 5 laps remain.
  2. When the pace car pulls in, all competitors must stay in a close formation (no laying back).
  3. The race leader must maintain a steady pace in the inside or outside lane (whichever is picked)
  4. When the race leader is between the two ‘restart’ lines painted on the track between the 3rd and 4th turn, he or she is thought of being ‘in the box’. Steady pace till the restart line on the frontstretch.
  5. All passing must be made after the start finish line on restarts.
  6. If a driver miss-times a restart and pulls out of line (thus gaining an advantage) they must ‘give back’ the advantage before entering the third turn or may be blacked flagged for a stop and go on pit road.
  7. Failure to give back the advantage at the end of race will result in a penalty from the race director.


  1. Two lap qualifying attempts may be given to all competitors within a division at the discretion of Dillon Motor Speedway officials.
  2. No driver may attempt to qualify more than one car (1) per division in time trials or qualifying races.
  3. Should a car spin, only one additional attempt may be allowed (if immediately requested).
  4. The race director shall make the final decision.
  5. If the time trials are not completed due to weather or other circumstances, the field will be lined up based on points or a draw, determined by the race director.


  1. While the start/finish line is considered to extend across the pit road, during a regular Saturdays night event (races of 100 laps or less) a green flag can only be taken on the track racing surface.
  2. At the Race Director’s discretion, cars entering the racing surface from the pits, as the new field takes the green, may be considered to have taken the green flag with the field provided they leave the pits after all cars on the track have passed.
  3. The line will extend across pit road on races greater than 100 laps in length when individual scorers are used.


  1. Races will be run the scheduled or advertised number of laps.
  2. Cautions will not count unless specified
  3. All races will be run until the leader has completed the advised distance.
  4. The race can be considered officially completed after the halfway mark has been reached by the leader, provided circumstances make it impractical to continue the race within a reasonable period of time after it has been stopped.
  5. Races stopped after the halfway point will be considered a full race.


  1. Once the laps have begun, the race will officially have started even though distance/time are not yet being measured.
  2. Any car entering the pits and re-entering the racing surface before the green flag is displayed will be considered as having made a pit stop and must start in the rear.
  3. Any car that enters the pits during the pace laps will be considered as officially starting the race and may re­enter the racing surface at any time, even after the initial green flag.


  1. All cars must be lined up in their correct positions on the track or pit road at the beginning of the pace laps.
  2. Any car not in line when the pace laps begin are subject to forfeit their starting position and must start in the rear. This decision is at the discretion of the race director.
  3. If a driver is lapped he is not required to go to the back when a caution comes out. He may start in his place in line to try and get his lap back. This is a gentleman’s agreement. If the driver elects to go to the back he will be lined up based on his position and laps down. The track will clear the top five with less than 10 laps to go.


  1. If you receive a black flag for any reason, you must slow down and pull into the pits immediately for consultation. The driver will be have three laps to adhere, After the three scoring will stop for that driver.
  2. Failure to honor the black flag will result in the car stopped being scored and further penalties.
  3. If the race has concluded and the driver has not responded to the black flag, the Race Director can impose penalties by removing completed laps from the driver.


  1. ALL cars MUST pass pre-race technical inspection or they will NOT be allowed to race.


  1. At the completion of the event up to the top five (5) finishers must report to the scale house for post- race inspection.
  2. Other cars may be chosen at random to report to inspection, at the discretion of the Race Director & Technical Director.
  3. Failure to submit to post-race inspection will result in the driver being disqualified and receiving NO points or money.
  4. When cars are weighed after the race, the only additional fluids that may be added to make weight will be a maximum of 2 quarts of motor oil in the engine, enough track racing fuel to top off fuel cell.


  1. Cars entering or leaving pit road must maintain a reasonable safe speed 1st gear 2500 rpm’s in order not to endanger other teams, track officials or spectators.
  2. Obvious violation will be penalized as explained in pre-­race drivers meeting, by a stop and go penalty and/or $50.00 fine.