UCAR/ Pure Stock Bash Rules

BASH Rules
RULE BOOK DISCLAIMER: The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. DMS TECH shall be empowered to permit any and all deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions to keep the competition close. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the DMS TECH officials, and their decision is final.
The PURE STOCK CLASS is designed to promote a greater interest in Stock Car Competition for Drivers to compete in their own class and to enable those to participate on a weekly basis. If not specified in the Rules, all parts must remain O.E.M Stock or O.E.M Replacement Stock for year, make, model & engine size.
1. Minimum Age for Dillon Motor Speedway Drivers is Twelve (12 Years Old),
2. Drivers Must have DMS official’s approval to be eligible to compete in the Pure Stock Class.
3. DMS Drivers under 18 must have parent’s consent form filled out prior to on track.

General Rules & Competing Models:
1. Sub Compacts: 1972 or newer. Coupe, Sedan, or Station Wagon Car, ONLY ALLOWED.
2. American & Import 4 or 6 cylinder for BASH Front Wheel Drive Cars ALLOWED. No 6cyl probes
3. 4 cylinder Rear Wheel drive ALLOWED. NO Two Seater’s or Convertibles.
4. Maximum wheelbase is 110”. Rear steer must be locked. Only factory adjustments allowed.
5. NO all wheel drive. . NO supercharge or turbocharger engines. NO rear engine or mid engine.

1. All O.E.M. sheet metal and panels must remain stock unless stated otherwise in these rules.
2. Firewall and OEM floorboard must remain intact. OEM Stock Frame with OEM Suspension
3. Front and Rear Bumper Covers does not have to be OEM but must have covered bumpers
4. All doors must be secured, bolted, chained, or welded. . Inner wells may be removed.
5. Hood Pins, Hood = 4 Pins, Trunk = 2 Pins. Allowed. May keep OEM Hinges.
6. Front windshield optional.
7. Front, Rear, Side Lexan is ALLOWED. No Side Windows. May have Vent Windows
8. Cars must have all upholstery, side glass, rear glass and trim removed.
9. You may fabricate a dashboard, starter button or switch is optional.
10. 12 volt Battery must be secured and safe. . Fabricated metal may go in place of where batteries leaked
11. Wheel base as per Tech’s discretion for tire clearance.
12. Tow Hooks or Chains to tow with are recommended and allowed.
13. Transponder’s are Mandatory when speedway feels the need for them.
14. Radio’s are ALLOWED. Stock O.E.M LeMans bar ALLOWED. Mounted equally left to right.
15. Inner structures as follows: Hood, Trunk Lid, Roof, Doors REMOVAL PERMITED.
16. Number’s, Roof, Door’s, Top of passenger windshield required.
17. Steel Fire Wall: Must be between the driver & the fuel tank & engine. MANDATORY

1. All engines must be absolutely Stock OEM or OEM Stock replacements from TOP to oil pan, NO MODIFICATIONS! You may remove accessories such as; A/C, Smog parts, PS, Heater Core etc.
2. Engines may be bored a MAX. of .040 over, with stock pistons. ALLOWED. OEM Drive Train Location and Mounts. Factory Exhaust Manifolds for your car. Pipe must come out behind driver. MANDATORY
3. NO High Performance Parts Allowed. Camshafts, Springs and Lifters must be Stock.
4. NO modifications to the OEM air cleaner. Carb Cars Fabrication is allowed to fit air cleaner under hood.
5. NO modifications to air cleaner element. Paper or K&N ALLOWED. Compression checks will be done.
6. NO antifreeze, use Water Wetter type products, MADATORY.NO ANTIFREEZE
7. Driver’s: MUST have the tech manual or proof of the car they are racing.
8. Must show all OEM motor specs. Compression, bore, stroke, HP etc.
9. Not having this proof, you are subject to Immediate Disqualification.
10. Electric Fan’s ALLOWED. Radiator optional to keep engine cool.
11. OEM Stock Computer ONLY. Your make, model, yr, eng. size. NO MODIFICATIONS. OEM Ignition
12. Carb cars are allowed and can run a OEM Stock Carb or a replacement Holley 350 or 500 2 barrel.
13. Race Fuel or Pump Gas Allowed. No additives are allowed in fuel.
14. Any engine that does not conform to the above rules will be required to run a 7/8in track supplied restrictor plate.

1. Stock O.E.M. from the manufacturer ONLY. Stock O.E.M. clutch ONLY.
2. Manual shift transmissions must remain stock as from the manufacturer ONLY.

Tires and Wheels
1. TRACK TIRE ONLY. NO tire treatment of any kind permitted. NO Camber Cutting or Grooving.
2. HOOSIER 800, 790, or  13″, 14″, 15″ DOT Passenger Tire, New Or Used
3. Scuff 13″ Tires are available from Dillon Motor Speedway for $30 Each. New 13”- $115
4. The driver is responsible for competing with the correct tires and wheels
5. Steel Wheels ONLY. . Aftermarket Magnetic steel wheel ALLOWED. Alum OEM Wheels allowed on FWD
6. Up to 7” Wide for FWD. Up to 8″ Wide for RWD
7. All four wheels must be the same size, width & offset on all 4 corners on front wheel drive.
8. 3” Max. offset per wheel ALLOWED. Larger wheel studs ALLOWED.

1. Stock O.E.M. rear ends ONLY.  Stock O.E.M. shocks ONLY.
2. Multiple spring rubbers allowed, must be zip tied in place.
3. Rear camber is 3 Degrees MAXIMUM.
4. Spring adj. must be welded or pinned. Dog chain, J bolt ALLOWED
5. Springs may be Aftermarket, OEM, Junkyard allowed. Springs may be Cut or Heated.
6. Stock OEM Suspension parts. A Bolt Kit, Camber Adjusters, Adjustable Ball Joints or slotting of mounting holes in the Control Arms or Lower holes in the Struts by grinding ONLY. DO NOT alter the upper mounting points of the strut tower. OEM Sway Bar and Rear end may be locked.
7. Ride Height: Nose, Rockers & Frame is 4.5″ Min. Ht. w/ driver in race trim.
8. After the Feature Race, you may add up to 3 gallons / 21lbs. of fuel after the race at the scale when it’s your turn to weigh. You must show the gas pump or weight of fuel to tech on the scale before you add it to the car. Allowed Camber on front & rear wheels will be checked on tech pad with car on ground as run in race
9. NO Traction Control.
1. Due to the wide range of make, model, year & engine HP. This class will be judged off of Horsepower, Weight and left side percentage (%)’s. Please make sure you read The ENGINE RULES. This is what you claim for your car. Make, Model, Year, Engine. Have factory advertised engine size in HP to be located at the base of the driver’s windshield or on the hood, so tech can read it when you roll on to the scales, MANDATORY.
2. You must have proof that the engine you are using in your race car now, came in your car from the factory O.E.M. Weights will be based on American Based models
3. All variable cam timing engines, must be rated at minimum of 5000rpm.
4. Pure Stock :
Carburetor  Cars – 1 pound per cc Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max minus overbore
124hp and below – no minimum weight or left side % rules
125 – 139hp – 2300lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
140 – 149hp – 2300lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
150 – 159hp – 2300lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
160 – 169hp – 2500lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
170 – 179hp – 2600lbs Min Total Wt. 54% Left Side Wt. Max
180hp + more – 2700lbs Min Total Wt. 52% Left Side Wt. Max
Fabricated body car max %54 left side wt. max.
***Allow 15% Loss for Transmission and Driveline When Checked on the Chassis Dyno***
5. All weight must be securely mounted, painted white. Must pass DMS tech, MANDATORY.

Dillon Motor Speedway has the right to put any car on a Dynojet Chassis Dyno that the track owns at any time to insure the correct weight for the car that is competing at the Dillon Motor Speedway!

1. 5 Point seatbelt harness with SFI tag. Roll Bar Padding around Driver
2. Approved Racing Seat and Window net mounted to be acceptable by tech officials.
3. Roll cage, constructed of 1 1/2″ tubular steel x .083 minimum wall thickness.
4. Driver side 3 bar’s, Passenger side 2 bar’s. MANDATORY.
5. 1/8” Plate to be welded to the outside of the driver’s door bar’s is recommended.
6. A fire extinguisher with a dial, must be located within reach of driver. Must be in the green.
7. 12 Gal. or less Fuel Cell centered in the trunk area with fire wall between the driver ALLOWED. Must be approved by tech official. May use Stock tank if ahead of rear axle
8. Front & Rear Drive Shaft Loop for cars with RWD Mandatory. .
9. NO bar’s past the front firewall on FWD. 2 Bar’s may go into trunk area for safety.
10. Quick release steering wheel ALLOWED. Aftermarket Gas, Brake, and Clutch pedal allowed for safety
11. All 4 wheel brakes must work. 1 rear view mirror. Side mirror mounted inside ALLOWED.
12. Kill switch may be located for Safety crews to easily reach in case of emergency.

1. These rules are subject to amendments for competition when ample notice has been given by the speedway. This Pure Stock 4 class is a start up class in 2013. Rules may be changed during the 2013 season to insure a competitive class.
2. Speedway officials may use professional judgment for any infractions for a competitive race program. Any 4 cyl carb car car that does not adhere to any of the above rules will be allowed to compete with a 7/8 restrictor plate by tech man.
3. The car or cars that does not conform to any of the above rules may also be required to add
weight along with a restrictor plate to be eligible to race. Ronnie Barfield is the tech man. His decision is FINAL! DMS Tech reserves the right to add or move weight percentages at any time. In fairness of competition, multiple winner’s may receive left side weight % adjustments as directed by DMS Tech Official.
DMS TECH shall be empowered to permit any and all deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions to keep the competition close. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the DMS TECH officials, and their decision is final.

****ANY RULES YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND OR YOU NEED CLARIFICATION, PLEASE CONTACT SPEEDWAY OFFICALS. Email ron@dillonmotorspeedway.com or call the Tech Man Ronnie Barfield @ 843-319-9797 or Ron Barfield @ 843-496-4792.